Jayhawks, The - Tomorrow The Green Grass [LP] (180 Gram)


$ 24.98 


Product Description: On 1995's Tomorrow the Green Grass, the Jayhawks found themselves in the tricky situation of trying to match the quality of
Hollywood Town Hall without simply repeating themselves, and they came remarkably close to achieving that daunting task. Rather than simply mimic the
warm and unaffected sound of Hollywood Town Hall, the Jayhawks reached for a broader and more eclectic approach on Tomorrow the Green Grass;
with the presence of new keyboard player Karen Grotberg and the addition of strings on several tracks, the album certainly sounded fuller and more artful,
but Mark Olson and Gary Louris' harmonies were still the band's secret weapon, and were as pure and emotionally compelling as ever, while Louris'
electric guitar solos gave the songs real rock & roll muscle without disturbing the essentially gentle nature of their music.
1. Blue (Side A)
2. I'd Run Away (Side A)
3. Miss Williams' Guitar (Side A)
4. Two Hearts (Side A)
5. Real Light (Side A)
6. Over My Shoulder (Side A)
7. Bad Time (Side A)
8. See Him On The Street (Side B)
9. Nothing Left To Borrow (Side B)
10. Ann Jane (Side B)
11. Pray For Me (Side B)
12. Red's Song (Side B)
13. Ten Little Kids (Side B)


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