James Horner - Field Of Dreams (Soundtrack) [LP] ('Cornfield' Green Colored Vinyl)

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Limited Edition Cornfield Green & Yellow Colored Vinyl!

This record hasn’t been available since its very limited original release back in 1989! So this is a rookie reissue, and quite the phenom at that (just like you, Moonlight Graham!), pressed in green and yellow “cornfield” vinyl, and featuring James Horner’s amazing, spine-tingling score. Don’t strike out on this one!

Side A

1. The Cornfield
2. Deciding to Build the Field
3. Shoeless Joe
4. The Timeless Street
5. Old Ball Players
6. The Drive Home
7. Field of Dreams

Side B

1. The Library
2. “Moonlight” Graham
3. Night Mists
4. Doc’s Memories
5. The Place Where Dreams Come True
6. End Credits