J.Rawls - Legacy [LP]


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J.Rawls is back with final solo album featuring Masta Ace, John
Robinson, Wordsworth, Oddisee, Nottz, Blueprint and others
World famous Jazz- Hop Producer, Teacher, DJ, Emcee, and independent music
Executive, J. Rawls releases his final solo album, The Legacy. The album is already
creating a buzz on some of music's most well known and highly respected media
forums. ''The Rest of My Life'' is the first single and from there the album overflows
with positive energy all the way to the bonus track, a follow up to 2011's critically
acclaimed ''The Hip Hop Affect''
The ambitious title of the album proves legitimate as it genuinely lives up to the
word's definition. With this album, J. Rawls melodically reminds us of what is
essential. After all, a legacy is not only what you've earned but also what you've
The Legacy is produced entirely by some of Rawls' favorite producers. This unique
element affords the audience an opportunity to enjoy pieces of what Rawls has
picked up along the way, during his world tours and since officially beginning his
music career in 1998. This album also takes J. Rawls full circle and back to the
place in time where he first fell in love with music, ''I started out in Hip Hop beat
boxing, moved on to rhyming, until I discovered samples and started making beats.''
The lens that The Legacy album provides is a view of Rawls' life up to now from a
generational perspective. The album fully includes J. Rawls' diversified musical
portfolio, his knowledge and love of global music and his widely assorted selection
of beats, tempos, lyrics and artistic expressions.
For Rawls and his loyal following The Legacy album is the residue of a musical life
well lived. And with notable works already contributed to some of Hip Hop's most
influential artist including; Mos Def & Talib Kweli, The Beastie Boys, Masta Ace, and
many others this album is by no means the end, but instead the beginning of the
next edition in what has become the soundtrack of his life and continued legacy.
Don't expect The Legacy to leave you in a resolved place. The sounds are fresh and
tracks like ''Rio'' leave a strong and spicy aftertaste. The album is full of flavor and
will only keep J. Rawls' fans wanting more of what their ears just tasted. But, there
are no more plans for any solo J. Rawls releases. Rawls will continue to produce,
and focus on his label, Polar Entertainment and its burgeoning roster.
By releasing The Legacy, Polar Entertainment ensures that the musical gift J. Rawls
has carried during his career is established. The Legacy album brings together and
solidifies Rawls' musical contributions and provides the platform for it to have the
meaningful and long lasting effect it has earned.
''There comes a time in a man's life when he begins to reflect upon the things he
has accomplished and how he will be remembered. The time is yours now. I see in
you all the possibilities of the future. Leave a mark on this world; define Your