Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes To Eindhoven [2CD] Limited Edition set!

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Limited Edition 2CD Import Only Set!

Having already had quite an unreal career across the last 45 years, Iron Maiden remain the quintessential British heavy metal band. And as they enter their fifth decade - albeit with only the mighty Steve Harris left from that very first line-up, which came into being on Christmas day 1975 - they appear to be as dynamic, energetic and creative as ever they were. This two disc set hands control to the group as it brings together over 100 minutes of live songs, recorded for radio broadcast. It features the tracks Brave New World, 2 Minutes To Midnight, The Number Of The Beast and many more.

01-The Ghost Of The Navigator
02-Brave New World
04-2 Minutes To Midnight
05-Blood Brothers
06-The Sign Of The Cross
07-The Mercenary
08-The Trooper

CD 02:
01-Dream Of Mirrors
02-The Clansman
03-The Evil That Men Do
04-Fear Of The Dark
05-The Number Of The Beast
06-Hallowed Be Thy Name

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