Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL - Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (Deluxe Soundtrack) [3LP] (Limited, black standard weight vinyl, 5 bonus tracks, poster, etched side, download, trifold jacket)

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Soundtrack To 2016 Film On Deluxe Vinyl 3LP!

Renowned soundtrack composer, Hans Zimmer, solicited the help of collaborator Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL for the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice soundtrack. Zimmer handled the Superman portions of the score while Holkenborg brought his fresh take to Batman's persona. The different sounds helped to create the idea of the two comic book alter egos clashing on the big-screen. 2016 Water Tower Music.

• Deluxe 3LP on BLACK VINYL

(Subject to change)
1. Beautiful Lie
2. There War Here
3. The Red Capes Are Coming
4. Day of The Dead
5. Must There Be A Superman?
6. New Rules
7. Do You Bleed?
8. Problems Up Here
9. Black and Blue
10. Tuesday
11. Is She With You?
12. This Is My World
13. Men Are Still Good (Batman Suite)