Hans Zimmer - Holiday, The (Soundtrack) [LP] (White Vinyl)

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White Vinyl LP!
First Time On Vinyl!

The Holiday has become a staple of the Christmas season and the soundtrack is being released for the first time on LP, pressed on festive white vinyl. The music was arranged by Hans Zimmer, one of the titans of modern day film composing. The 4x GRAMMY Award winner has composed music for over 150 films, including The Lion King (for which he won the Academy Award for Best Original Score).


  • White Vinyl LP
  • First time on vinyl


Side One:

  1. Maestro
  2. Iris And Jasper
  3. Kayak For One
  4. Zero
  5. Dream Kitchen
  6. Separate Vacations
  7. Anything Can Happen
  8. Light My Fire
  9. Definitely Unexpected
  10. If I Wanted To Call You
  11. Roadside Rhapsody

Side Two:

  1. Busy Guy
  2. For Nancy
  3. It's Complicated
  4. Kiss Goodbye
  5. Verso E Prosa
  6. Meu Passado
  7. The "Cowch"
  8. Three Musketeers
  9. Christmas Surprise
  10. Gumption
  11. Cry

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