GWAR - Scumdogs Of The Universe (30th Anniversary) [2LP] (Grey Marble Vinyl)

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30th Anniversary Grey Marble Vinyl Double LP!

It has been thirty of your Earth "years" since your Lords and Masters GWAR released what many consider to be the band's career-defining album, Scumdogs Of The Universe. In celebration of this momentous occasion, GWAR are pleased as piss to unveil 30th anniversary versions of Scumdogs Of The Universe. Remixed, remastered, perfected. The way the Scumdogs intended the listener to hear it.

Outrageously entertaining, Scumdogs is Gwar's crowning achievement.
The original production by the late Ron Goudie (with an assist on one track by Al Jourgenson and Paul Barker of Ministry) was already strong, but [engineer Ronan] Murphy gives an extra bone-crunching snap and bottom end that flies off this red vinyl pressing with authority. The whole presentation, from the hyper-stylized shots of the band members in their various blood-soaked costumes and the lyrics of sexual deviance and gore, is entirely silly, but the band treats it all with such reverence and some impressive musicianship. They had a great time making this and insist that you do the same as you listen to it. Keep your tongue planted in your cheek and brace yourself for the spray of fake bodily fluids.
-Robert Ham, Paste Magazine


  • 30th Anniversary
  • Grey Marble Vinyl
  • Double LP
  • Remixed & Remastered
  • Gatefold jacket


Side A:

  1. The Salaminizer
  2. Maggots
  3. Sick Of You
  4. Vlad The Impaler

Side B:

  1. Slaughterama
  2. King Queen

Side C:

  1. Horror Of Yig
  2. Love Surgery
  3. Sexecutioner

Side D:

  1. The Years Without Light
  2. Black And Huge
  3. Death Pod
  4. Cool Place To Park

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