Guided By Voices - King Shit & The Golden Boys [LP] (download)


$ 17.98 


As a companion piece to the vinyl reissue of Bee Thousand, Scat Records presents a new edition of this finest compilation of Guided By Voices outtakes. Originally included with the multi-disc set Box, this issue marks the album's first release as a standalone piece. The first side features highlights from two otherwise unreleased albums from the band's early days (Learning to Hunt and Back to Saturn X), while the second side mops up the best cuts left off of Bee Thousand. All tracks are exclusive to this release.

Packaged in a high-quality, heavy-duty tip-on jacket and pressed on virgin RTI vinyl, this LP is a must for even the casual GBV fan.
* First-ever standalone release of collection comprised of prime-era GBV material
* Includes digital download card

#1 We've Got Airplanes
#2 Dust Devil
#3 Squirmish Frontal Room
#4 Tricyclic Looper
#5 Crutch Came Slinking
#6 Fantasy Creeps
#7 Sopor Joe
#8 Crunch Pillow
#9 Indian Was An Angel
#10 Don't Stop Now
#11 Bite
#12 Greenface
#13 Deathtrot And Warlock Riding A Rooster
#14 2nd Moves To Twin
#15 At Odds With Dr. Genesis
#16 Please Freeze Me
#17 Scissors
#18 Postal Blowfish
#19 Crocker's Favorite Song

2015 Scat