Gentle Giant - Power And The Glory Mixed By Steven Wilson [LP]


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Gentle Giant have been asked numerous times over the years by loyal fans of their music to provide high end audiophile 5.1 mixes of their recordings.It
was not until the acclaimed musician and producer Steven Wilson approached the band to enquire whether he could become involved in remixing the
album that the band decided to present this and future albums in their most state of the art form. Steven has remixed this album keeping the essence of
the original mixes but adding specific touches that he believed were important to garner an even better audiophile listening experience. Together with
these mixes Ray Shulman has provided a beautiful video experience to illustrate the lyrical content of this ''concept'' album.The band has also included
instrumental versions of the new mixes plus the original 1974 stereo mix transferred flat at 96/24PCM.
Gentle Giant 'The Power and the Glory' mixed by Steven Wilson in Hi-Resolution Stereo & 5.1 Surround sound including visual imagery to enhance the
sensory experience.
1. Proclamation
2. So Sincere
3. Aspirations
4. Playing the Game
5. Cogs in Cogs
6. No God's A Man
7. The Face
8. Valedictory