Genesis - Calling All Stations [2LP] (180 Gram, download, etched D-side)

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Double LP With 4th Side Etching!

1997’s CALLING ALL STATIONS, the first post-Collins effort by Genesis, teamed Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford with vocalist Ray Wilson on an album that recalled Genesis’ progressive roots. Features the hit single "Congo."

• Double LP
• 4th-side etching

Side A:

1. Calling All Stations
2. Congo
3. Shipwrecked
4. Alien Afternoon
Side B:
5. Not About Us
6. If That's What You Need
7. The Dividing Line
8. Uncertain Weather
Side C:
1. Small Talk
2. There Must Be Some Other Way
3. One Man's Fool
Side D:
Etched artwork

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