Geinoh Yamashirogumi - Akira (Soundtrack) [2LP] Limited Translucent Red W/Black Smoke Marble Vinyl

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Limited Edition Translucent Red With Black Smoke Marble Vinyl!


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Set in the year 2019 in Neo-Tokyo, the world is still recovering from the ravages of World War III. One night, teen delinquent Kaneda has his biker gang hurtle through the busy city. Kaneda?s friend, Tetsuo, is seriously injured during an accident and is taken to an army hospital. There the military notice Tetsuo?s potential psychic power, so they transfer Tetsuo to a secret government laboratory to awakening his latent abilities. When Kaneda gets involved in an antigovernment guerrilla movement, he encounters Kei, a member of the revolutionaries, and learns that the goal of the fighters is to infiltrate a secret laboratory ? the very one where Tetuso is being held.

2023 Milan