Frehley's Comet - Second Sighting [LP] Limited Silver Blue & Tan Hand Poured Effect Vinyl, bonus track, gatefold

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Super Limited Edition Silver Blue & Tan Hand-Poured Effect Vinyl!

First Time on Vinyl Since 1988!

Mastered by Joe Reagoso from the Atlantic Records Tapes!

Ace Frehley's Frehley's Comet burst onto the scene in 1987 with their classic Frehley's Comet, which became one of the more enduring rock albums of our time, soon to be followed up with the stellar Second Sighting.

The 1988 hard rock album continues to be championed by the fans thanks to hard rock and metal radio favorites like "Insane," "It's Over Now," "Time Ain't Runnin' Out," and "Juvenile Delinquent," all of which make Second Sighting one of the more important hard rock albums of the era.

For this release, the Frehley's Comet band consisted of the legendary Ace Frehley on lead guitar/vocals, Jamie Oldaker (Eric Clapton) on drums, John Reagan (Peter Frampton) on bass/vocals and Tod Howarth (707/Four by Fate) handling guitar/keyboards & vocals.

Out of print for decades on vinyl, Friday Music is very pleased to welcome back Ace Frehley/Frehley's Comet's Second Sighting on first-time-ever hand-poured effect silver blue and tan vinyl.

This super limited Friday Music release is unique in the fact that each album pressed will have its own color using the silver, blue and tan tones featured on the album cover, giving it a hand-poured effect, making this highly collectable for the fans and lovers of the hard rock sound of Ace Frehley.

Produced by Frehley's Comet and Scott Mabuchi and mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso (Dokken/Kix/Alice Cooper/Tommy Bolin) from the Atlantic Records tapes, this stunning album will be one of the most important hard rock revisits of the year.

As an added bonus, the LP will feature the very rare remix version of "It's Over Now" and is housed in a first-time-ever gatefold cover to further enhance your Frehley's Comet experience.


  • Limited Edition
  • First Time on Vinyl Since 1988
  • Silver Blue & Tan Vinyl
  • Hand-Poured Effect Color Vinyl - Each Pressing Is Unique
  • Mastered by Joe Reagoso from the Atlantic Records Tapes
  • First-Time-Ever Gatefold Cover
  • Bonus Track


  1. Insane
  2. Time Ain't Runnin' Out
  3. Dancin' with Danger
  4. It's Over Now
  5. Loser in a Fight
  6. Juvenile Delinquent
  7. Fallen Angel
  8. Separate
  9. New Kind of Lover
  10. The Acorn Is Spinning
  11. It's Over Now - Remix (Bonus Track)

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