Free - Live In Santa Monica 1971 [2LP] Limited import only

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Limited Import Only Double Black Vinyl!

Live Broadcasts From Band's 1971 Tour!

Fifteen tracks of prime live Free across four sides of vinyl, recorded for FM Radio on their early 1971 US tour. The original line-up of Rodgers, Kossoff, Kirke and Fraser are at the height of their abilities in front of an enthusiastic Santa Monica crowd. Features many original songs not included on the Free Live LP plus their version of Rock Me Baby. Good sound quality plus full credits and extensive sleevenotes. Recorded at Santa Monica Civic Centre, California and broadcast on Radio KUSC FM in February 1971.

Track Listing:

Side One:
1. Be My Friend
2. The Stealer
3. Woman
4. Ride On A Pony

Side Two:
1. Don't Say You Love Me
2. All Right Now
3. Fire And Water
4. Heavy Load

Side Three:
1. The Highway Song
2. My Brother Jake
3. Soon I Will Be Gone
4. I'm A Mover

Side Four:
1. Mr. Big
2. The Hunter
3. Rock Me Baby

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