Freddie Mercury - barcelona [LP] 180gram vinyl, Queen singer

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Special Edition Version On 180g Vinyl LP!

Barcelona was the result of a dream of Freddie Mercury's to meet and work with opera diva Montserrat Caballe. When she became aware of his dream, she invited him for a meeting which then lead to Mercury's dream coming to fruition. The album is indeed his most ambitious and challenging works of art producing a rare collection of extraordinary, emotional, and genre-defying music.

This Special Edition was reworked in 2012 featuring breathtaking full orchestra replacing the original synthesizer orchestral parts.

In 2012, to mark the 25th anniversary of the song, Stuart Morley, musical director of the Queen musical ‘We Will Rock You’ faithfully adapted the entire album for orchestra, lifting what was already an outstanding record into a whole new stratosphere. Rousing, triumphant, emotional and magnificent.

"Barcelona was an example of the high musical talent of Freddie. He was not only a popular singer, he was a musician, that could sit at the piano and compose. He discovered a new way to bring different music styles together. He is the first and only person to have done this".


  • 180g Vinyl


  1. Barcelona
  2. La Japonaise
  3. The Fallen Priest
  4. Ensueño
  5. The Golden Boy
  6. Guide Me Home
  7. How Can I Go On
  8. Exercises in Free Love
  9. Overture Piccante

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