Frank Mitchell Jr. - Booty Lock [7'']


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Hustler. Smooth operator. Silky vocalist. Master saxophone player. How many ways can we describe Frank
Mitchell Jr.? He has arrived in our time from another era; an era of big lapels and even bigger Afros. Frank
Mitchell Jr. brings the soul and the funk, and he ain’t taking no lip.
Frank Mitchell Jr. is a man with a mysterious past. Raised in a Washington DC orphanage he never knew his
parents and had to shape his own identity from the urban music culture around him. Blues, jazz, go-go, r&b,
and soul music are threads in the fabric of Frank Mitchell Jr.’s very being; and perhaps even his tailored suit.
As a young boy Frank Mitchell Jr. came to the attention of the director for the Boys Choir of the National
Cathedral. He spent years singing as a Soprano there, until his voice began changing. Finding himself at a
crossroads, he picked up an old tenor saxophone and found his new calling. He began to win chairs in various
city honor bands, and then moved on to professional gigs with many roving blues and r&b artists. Much
cash was blown in late-night dice games, but the streets wouldn’t hold him back.
Having moved on to play with local reggae/funk favorites See-I and Thievery Corporation’s legendary live
stage band (and even dropping some red-hot saxophone licks on Thievery Corporation’s album Radio Retaliation)
Frank Mitchell Jr. is now ready to strike out with his own solo music project. Re-energized and finding his
singing voice again, Frank Mitchell Jr.’s The Booty Lock EP represents a rebirth and a new movement in funk
and soul.
Produced by Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation and featuring a fiery studio back up band comprised of various
local musical rogues, ''Booty Lock'' is set to light dance floors ablaze. No question. Let the rhythm grab
you by the hips and draw you in. Don’t resist. Frank Mitchell Jr. knows what he wants and he ain’t take no lip!