Frank De Vol w/Trini Lopez - The Dirty Dozen (Music From The Original Sound Track) [LP] (import)


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Track List
A1 Main Title From ''The Dirty Dozen'' 1:28
A2 Building The Barracks 2:35
A3 The Battle Begins 2:38
A4 Girls Of The Evening 1:19
A5 The Dirty Dozen 2:02
A6 Einsam 1:55
A7 Mission Accomplished 2:05
B1 Bramble Bush 2:55
B2 Col. Breed's Folly 2:22
B3 The Sham Battle 3:22
B4 The Chateau 3:10
B5 Switch-Hitters 1:45
B6 Finale And End Title 1:47