Frank Sinatra - Watertown [LP] (printed sleeve with new liner notes, track-by-track breakdown from Mr. Gaudio, 12x24 poster)

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Concept Album Reissued on Vinyl LP!
Newly Mixed from the Original Session Tapes!
Includes a 12" x 24" Poster!

Released in 1970, Watertown is a lost masterpiece and turning point for Frank Sinatra: a concept album written by Bob Gaudio and Jake Holmes. It has gone through a re-evaluation in recent years and is now considered one of Sinatra's finest recordings. All tracks are newly mixed from the original session tapes. LP edition features original 10-track sequence, a package with all original lyrics, a printed sleeve with new liner notes, track-by-track breakdown from Mr. Gaudio, and a 12" X 24" poster.

Producer Charles Calello arranged musical backdrops that conveyed the despair of the lyrics. Weaving together prominent electric guitars, keyboards, drum kits, and light strings, Calello uses pop/rock instrumentation and production techniques, but that doesn't prevent Sinatra from warming to the material. In fact, he turns in a wonderful performance, drawing out every emotion from the lyrics, giving the album's character depth.
-Stephen Thomas Erlewine,, 4.5/5 stars


  • All Tracks Newly Mixed from the Original Session Tapes
  • Vinyl LP
  • Original 10-Track Sequence
  • All Original Lyrics
  • Printed Sleeve
  • New Liner Notes & Track-by-Track Breakdown by Bob Gaudio
  • 12" x 24" Poster


Side A:

  1. Watertown
  2. Goodbye (She Quietly Says)
  3. For A While
  4. Michael & Peter
  5. I Would Be In Love (Anyway)

Side B:

  1. Elizabeth
  2. What A Funny Girl (You Used To Be)
  3. What's Now Is Now
  4. She Says
  5. The Train

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