Fleetwood Mac - BBC Sunday Concert April 9th 1970 (mono) [LP] Limited import

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    Listening to these nine tracks it is hard to believe that this version of Fleetwood Mac had only a few weeks left to run. An acid-damaged Peter Green would leave six weeks after this gig and they would never sound this good again. This high quality BBC recording includes contemporary hits such as The Green Manalishi and Rattlesnake Shake as well as album tracks featuring the melodic skills of Danny Kirwan (World In Harmony, Underway) and some unreleased rockers from Jeremy Spencer (Tiger, Great Balls Of Fire). Full sleeve 2 notes and credits included.

    Track Listing:

    Side One:
    1. Rattlesnake Shake
    2. Underway
    3. Stranger Blues
    4. World In Harmony
    5. Tiger

    Side Two:
    1. The Green Manalishi
    2. Coming Your Way
    3. Great Balls Of Fire
    4. Twist and Shout

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