Final Solution, The - Brotherman (Soundtrack) [LP]


$ 17.98 


A never-heard soundtrack for a never-seen film -- and a record that's every bit as funky as better-known sets from the blacksploitation era! Final Solution were a small time group from Chicago's west side in the 70s, but on this wicked little soundtrack they sparkle just as brightly as Isaac Hayes, Willie Hutch, Curtis Mayfield, or any of our favorite soundtrack soul artists from the time -- working in a really righteous approach to soul with lots of heavy rhythms on the bottom and rumbling bass in the mix -- so that even when the tunes are mellow, there's still a bold, brash sort of power to the set! The vocals are mostly delivered in harmony style, again with a nice edge -- a bit like The Impressions work on Three The Hard Way, but with more of an indie soul feel overall, given the production circumstances. Once again, our hats are off to Numero for unearthing this gem. Titles include ''Brotherman'', ''Never Coming Back Again'', ''I Don't Care'', ''Girl In My Life'', ''Gotta Get Through To You'', ''One Day'', ''I'm Ready For Love'', and ''We Can Work It Out''. (Includes a bonus Numero Trading card too!)

A1 Brotherman
A2 Never Coming Back Again
A3 Girl In My Life
A4 We Can Work It Out
A5 I Don't Care
B1 To See You Again
B2 Gotta Get Through To You
B3 I'm Ready For Love
B4 One Day
B5 Where There's A Will