Felice Brothers - Celebration, Florida [LP]


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The Felice Brothers will release its fourth studio album Celebration, Florida on May 10 via Fat Possum. The album was recorded in the library and theater of Beacon, NY's old high school. Produced by Jeremy Backofen, the album is said to be an ''exhilarating amalgamation of frightening horn sections, unexpected 808s, ambient synth lines, schoolyard taunts, booming, primitive drum beats, heavy bass lines, piano, violin, accordion, ringing guitars, rave beats, and sinister acid jazz that captivates and mystifies.''

Celebration, Florida track listing:

1. Fire at the Pageant
2. Container Ship
3. Honda Civic
4. Oliver Stone
5. Ponzi
6. Back in the Dancehalls
7. Dallas
8. Cus's Catskill Gym
9. Refrain
10. Best I Ever Had
11. River Jordan