Faunts - Left Here Alone [12'']


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Over the course of two full-length albums, a remix collection, and an EP, Canadian band Faunts have tirelessly and imaginatively crafted their unique sound: hazy sprawl refashioned into pulsing synths; ambient noise transformed into vocal-oriented sublimity. Faunts have long outgrown comparison, and their sound, which has evolved markedly over the years, is characterized, more than anything else, by a potent dynamism. Pitchfork once described the band as ''slow-motion shoegazers reborn as purveyors of luminous and deeply affecting electronic pop.'' Yet this rebirth has never been complete - at least until now. After years of writing, recording, and meticulous exploration of their musical imagination, Faunts have given us one more articulation of their vision, Left Here Alone, an EP of songs plucked from an early era in the band's history. It is a ''lost record'' of sorts, and it is beautiful.