Fates Warning - Awaken The Guardian [LP] (Colored Vinyl)


$ 20.98 


Awaken The Guardian was the third album by Fates Warning, originally released in 1986 and then later re-released as a double album with No Exit in 1992. It would be the band's last studio effort to feature original vocalist John Arch. It was also the first album released on Metal Blade Records to chart in the Billboard 200. Now Metal Blade honors the album with this vinyl reissue, newly and beautifully repackaged on limited edition transparent blue colored LP! Strictly limited edition pressing of 1,000 units.

Fates Warning Awaken The Guardian Track Listing:

1. The Sorceress
2. Valley of the Dolls
3. Fata Morgana
4. Guardian
5. Prelude to Ruin
6. Giant's Lore (Heart of Winter)
7. Time Long Past
8. Exodus