F?licia Atkinson - Visions / Voices [2LP] (gatefold, download, limited to 450)


$ 26.98 


Double vinyl LP limited to 450 copies packaged in a gatefold jacket printed on uncoated stock with double sided insert,
black inner sleeves, and free download coupon. Mastered by James Plotkin.
''...Visions/Voices might just eclipse all of her previous work. The base of her music is ambient drone, but there's so
much more going on than that description can cover. Using her voice as an instrument among many layers of sound,
she joins the calm of an endless stream to the tension of a gathering storm...'' PITCHFORK
''...With all the impressions that Visions/Voices might leave on you - disorientation, joy, diverging moments of memory,
escape - the one that struck me most was a feeling of creative cataclysm. The need to create. This is an album
that holds a reminder deep within its core of how joyful making music and art can be...'' TINY MIX TAPES