Evian Christ - Waterfall [LP] (limited to 1000)


$ 12.98 


It's safe to say since his emergence at the tail end
of 2011 Evian Christ, aka Joshua Leary, has had a
whirlwind two years. Off the back of his
breakthrough mixtape Kings And Them which
came out on Tri Angle Records in February 2012,
the 24 year old, Ellesmere Port, UK native has
produced on Kanye West's Yeezus, collaborated
with acclaimed conceptual artist Matthew Barney,
released the notably abstract sound-piece Duga-
3, performed around the world alongside the likes
of Purity Ring, Actress and Four Tet and garnering
positive reviews and features in global tastemaker
press including Details Magazine, Dazed &
Confused, Pitchfork and VIBE amongst many
On Kings And Them Evian Christ conjured up a
sound that was influenced by hip hop as it much as
it was by more ambient forms of music. On
Waterfall Evian Christ has taken his unique sound
into a far noisier and more aggressive territory,
exhibiting a creative restlessness that continues to
make it harder to pigeonhole this young, evolving

1. Salt Carousel
2. Fuck Idol
3. Propeller
4. Waterfall