Everest - Ownerless [LP+CD]


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Comprised of four singers/songwriters (Russell Pollard/J. Soda/Joel Graves/Elijah Thomson), the members of L.A.'s Everest boast some impressive pedigrees, having played with groups like Earlimart, Sebadoh, the Folk Implosion, Slydell, Mike Stinson, Great Northern, Alaska!, John Vanderslice and The Watson Twins. Sharing a mutual admiration for each other's respective track records, the four were drawn together by a common desire to make classic-sounding pop songs in the style of earthy bands like Wilco and Calexico.

Produced by Rob Schnapf and Richard Swift, Ownerless builds on the expansive sonic soundscapes the band created on their critically acclaimed debut Ghost Tones and follow-up On Approach. With guitars that range from bright and chiming to tense and meandering, harmonies that are both delicate and pastoral, and Pollard's gentle hazing vocals, it's easy to see why Everest have continued to gain new fans wherever they go, from month-long residences in cities such as Chicago and New York, to tours alongside Neil Young, Wilco and My Morning Jacket. Gatefold LP also includes a copy of the full album on CD.

Everest Ownerless Track Listing:

1. Into The Grey
2. Give A Little
3. Raking Me Over The Coals
4. Never Disappoint
5. Hungry Ghost
6. Letter
7. Games
8. Far Off, Away
9. Hologram
10. Ownerless