Everest - On Approach [LP] (180 Gram Vinyl)


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Formed in Los Angeles in 2007, Everest is comprised of Russell Pollard
(vocals, guitar, drums, lyricist), Jason Soda (guitar, keys, vocals), Joel
Graves (guitar, keys, vocals), Elijah Thomson (bass, vocals) and Davey
Latter (drums, percussion). Their 2008 debut, Ghost Notes, drew strong
critical marks and comparisons to primo Topanga Canyon, California
country rock. However, none of this quite prepares one for On Approach,
which finds the group in a full?tilt creative charge.
On Approach is a bold album that bolts out of the gate with an enveloping
sound capable of filling large spaces, both in the outside world and
between one's ears. In broad strokes, it hits the sweet spot between
stratospheric rock and gorgeous, emotionally charged craftsmanship in
the vein of Elliott Smith and Neil Young. From urgent opener ''Let Go''
through heavy rocker ''I've Had This Feeling Before'' (which gives Them
Crooked Vultures a run for their money), the humming, indie leaning
''Keeping The Score,'' the naked romance of ''Dots,'' the haunting, spacious
rock of ''East Illinois'' and ''Fallen Feather,'' and culminating in the boiling
over cascade of closer ''Catalyst.'' On Approach moves with a focused,
switched?on intensity that announces the arrival of one of the most
engaging bands today.
On Approach isn't just an assemblage of random tracks, but a classic
two?sider vinyl kind of album, where the full resonance and weight of it
can best be felt by taking the full ride. Everest is this sort of band, too,
that strives for something more than three?minutes in the spotlight.
These guys are lifers and the music they make is built for lifetimes,
maintaining an elusive core that rewards the listener with each new spin.
''On Approach has all the good things that make a great record,'' says
veteran producer Rob Schnapf (On Approach's mixer), who has helmed
such modern classics as Beck's Mellow Gold & Odelay, Elliott Smith's XO &
Figure 8. ''This record has a familiarity, yet doesn't copy anything. It's
expansive, and the record doesn't sit in one place. Listening back to the
finished product, I realized it was like an old time record experience, one
you don't get any more.''
Track Listing:
1. Let Go
2. I've Had This Feeling Before
3. Keeping The Score
4. Dots
5. Unfortunate Sea
6. East Illinois
7. Fallen Feather
8. House Of 9's
9. Tall Buildings
10. The Rush
11. Catalyst