Eternal Tapestry - Dawn In 2 Dimensions [LP] (first 500 on translucent orange vinyl, download)


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After the dark conceptual ambience of Beyond the 4th Door, the members of Eternal Tapestry decided the time was right to do an album embracing their live show - blistering psych rock filled with lyrical guitar soloing and a caveman approach to rhythm, an oddly euphoric state where melancholia is blasted by ecstatic noise. Compiled from a variety of sessions at Tapestry Space throughout the spring of 2011 (some of this material first found a home on the two fall tour tapes), this set of songs has been the foundation for the past year of Eternal Tapestry gigs.

The album kicks off with ''Wholeodome'', an amphetamine rush that keeps the locked groove in full tilt boogie mode. Saxophone, guitar, and bass triple up on the unrelenting theme recalling Space Ritual era Hawkwind. The song finds the band seeking enlightenment via crushing volume and dank fuzz. A bit of vocal bleed splices into ''Bread of Dreams'', an ode to ergot tainted rye. Melody serves as the perfect backdrop for classic dual guitar interplay. The band never strays far from the melodic core of this serene jam, keeping the vibe focused until it fades into a strange sound collage of wildly panning African field recordings and pastoral fingerpicking. The side ends with the epic ''Marrow of the Wand'', an organic cosmic music taking the listener on a journey through far reaching realms of imagination.

Side B is one continuous piece of music played live, with the band hitting three distinct sections. Starting with the slow burner ''I.S.F.S.'', the band builds in wave after wave of screaming wah'd intensity. A brief change of gear launches the band into the second section, the title track ''Dawn in 2 Dimensions''. After hitting on a natural motorik Kraut pulse, the sounds climb infinitely higher into a pummeling cacophony of dark noise. Once the band hits the third phase, ''Quantum Leap'', everyone settles into a sleazy Stooges swagger bringing the album to a close with some trashy skronk, burning bright in a far out galaxy.

Dawn In 2 Dimensions follows 2011's breakout albums Beyond the 4th Door (Thrill 252) and Eternal Tapestry's collaboration with Sun Araw, Night Gallery (Thrill 266)
Dawn In 2 Dimensions is released on vinyl only in a full color LP jacket with free download coupon. The first 500 copies are pressed on limited translucent orange vinyl
Eternal Tapestry member Dewey Mahood has recently released his debut solo release as Plankton Wat on Thrill Jockey (Spirits, Thrill 294)
Eternal Tapestry is currently working on a new studio full-length due for release in Fall of this year
''Eternal Tapestry have always played like a who's who of the psychedelic underground... their scorched, cosmic psych has never sounded more complete.'' - Altered Zones/Raven Sings the Blues
''This is the sound of Eternal Tapestry finally turning its instincts into conquests.'' - Pitchfork
''[Beyond the 4th Door] finds the quintet sitting on a mountain looking at the sun, high on Popul Vuh and who knows what else'' - Mojo (4 stars)

1. Wholeodome (4:34)
2. Bread of Dreams (6:40)
3. Marrow of the Wand (13:51)
4. I.S.F.S. > Dawn in 2 Dimensions > Quantum Leap (20:38)