Eric Burdon & The Animals - The Twain Shall Meet [LP] (Gold Vinyl)

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180g GOLD COLORED Vinyl Mastered from Original MGM Records Reels!

Burdon and the group returned in April 1968 with The Twain Shall Meet, continuing their psychedelic journey. “Monterey” chronicled the previous summer’s seminal festival while “Sky Pilot” reflected the growing anti-war sentiment as the Vietnam Conflict escalated. Steeped in a dense, layered sound full of electric guitars, sitars, strings, brass and washes of phased vocals, the album served notice that Burdon and company were totally in-step with America’s youth movement. From blues revivalists to cultural torchbearers in four short years? Believe it!

Meticulously mastered from the original MGM Records reels - cue up these platters and let them take you back to a time when minds were being blown open at an astonishing rate!

• 180g GOLD Colored Vinyl
• Mastered from original MGM Records reels

Side One:

1. Monterey
2. Just The Thought
3. Closer To The Truth
4. No Self Pity
5. Orange And Red Beams
Side Two:
1. Sky Pilot
2. We Love You Lil
3. All Is One

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