Ennio Morricone - Blue-Eyed Bandit, The (Il bandito dagli occhi azzurri) (Soundtrack) [LP]

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Restored & Remastered From Original Master Tapes On Vinyl LP!
Music Composed & Arranged by Ennio Morricone!

One of the very rare chances - quite possibly the only chance - to listen to the genius of Ennio Morricone engaging with the jazz musical language. His soundtrack for the film The Blue-Eyed Bandit (Il Bandito Dagli Occhi Azzurri by Alfredo Giannetti, 1980) is marked by the very singular 5/4 time which creates a relentless rhythm that perfectly matches the crime atmosphere of the film. This newly remastered edition of The Blue-Eyed Bandit is part of the Morricone Segreto series by CAM Sugar.


  • Vinyl LP
  • Part of the Morricone Segreto Series by CAM Sugar
  • Restored & remastered from the original master tapes
  • Mastered by Riccardo Ricci at Velvet Room Mastering
  • New original artwork by Eric Adrian Lee
  • Liner notes by Italian Poliziotteschi star Franco Nero & Morricone's jazz pianist Enrico Pieranunzi


Side A:

  1. Città viva
  2. Madre assente
  3. Campi aperti e sospesi
  4. Double Face
  5. Esecuzione radiofonica
  6. Per Enrico, Riccardo e Roberto

Side B:

  1. Sotto i ponti della città
  2. Per Dalila
  3. Stranamente di notte
  4. Cinque quarti
  5. Madre assente #2
  6. Stranamente un giorno
  7. Città viva #2
  8. Per Enrico, Riccardo e Roberto (Alt. Take)

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