Elvis Costello & Richard Harvey - Original Music From The Channel Four Series: G.B.H. [LP]


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Originally Released:1991
Genre:Stage & Screen
Style:Soundtrack, Score
A1 G.B.H. Opening Titles: The Life And Times Of Michael Murray 4:33
A2 ''It Wasn't Me'' 2:02
A3 Men Of Alloy 3:52
A4 Lambs To The Slaughter 4:18
A5 Bubbles 2:12
A6 The 'Goldilocks' Theme 3:07
A7 Perfume - The Odour Of Money 4:04
A8 Barbara Douglas: Assassin 3:09
A9 Pursuit Suite 5:07
A10 Prufrock Quartet: The Roaring Boy 4:10
B1 ''....So I Used Five!'' 1:28
B2 Love From A Cold Land 2:28
B3 In A Cemetery Garden 1:57
B4 ''Smack 'Im!'' 2:16
B5 Woodlands - ''Oh Joy!'' 3:45
B6 ''It's Cold Up There'' 2:52
B7 Going Home Service 5:07
B8 Grave Music 2:30
B9 The Puppet Masters' Work 4:11
B10 ''He's So Easy'' 1:59
B11 Another Time, Another Place 2:02
B12 Closing Titles 2:33