Elmer Bernstein - The Great Escape (Soundtrack) [2LP] (limited to 500)


$ 31.98 


Elmer Bernstein's music for John Sturges' movie The Great Escape (1963)
has proven to be one of the most enduring of all action-film soundtracks. The
soundtrack is strong from start to finish, full of dramatic passages and moments of
inspiration. An incredibly rich score that rewards repeat listens. Complete
edition/double LP pressed in a limited edition of 500 copies.
A1. Main Title
A2. At First Glance
A3. Premature Plans
A4. If at Once
A5. Forked
A6. Cooler
A7. Mole
A8. X
A9. Tonight We X
A10. The Scrounger
A11. Blythe
A12. Water Faucet
B1. Interruptus
B2. The Plan
B3. The Sad Ives
B4. Green Thumbs
B5. Hilts and Ives
B6. Cave In
B7. Restless Men
B8. Booze
B9. Discovery
B10. Various Troubles
C1. Panic
C2. Pin Trick
C3. Hendley's Risk
C4. Released Again
C5. Escape Time
C6. 20 Feet Short
C7. Foul Up
C8. At The Station
C9. On the Road
D1. The Chase
D2. First Casualty
D3. Flight Plan
D4. More Action
D5. Hilts Captured
D6. Road's End
D7. Betrayal
D8. Three Gone
D9. Home Again
D10. Finale
D11. The Cast