Elitist - Fear In A Handful Of Dust [LP]


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ELITIST are emerging on top of a new scene growing rapidly in the United States of America. Hailing from Portland, Oregon the quartet has its roots in the Hardcore scene. Yet under the influence of early Death Metal in the vein of MORBID ANGEL and a strong dose of Black Metal their sound shifts to something as fresh as radical. The crusty spirit of Sludgecore transparent in chaotic structures and moments of uncontrol is vomited upon the world with screams of anger and disgust by vocalist Joshua ''Josh'' Greene. This is met by the burning hatred of blazing guitars carrying the force of Death and darkness of Black Metal. Loud and passionate ELITIST force the world to listen first with their self titled EP ''Elitist'' in the year 2009, which was followed by a split 7'' with TRANSIENT (2011). Having shared stages with GAZA, TRAP THEM, TRANSIENT and others the Americans are now ready to unleash the fury of their debut album ''Fear in a Handful of Dust'' with the help of Season of Mist. In ELITIST's own words: ''This is for those of us who observe and recognize the evidence of evil in faith, hypocrisy of government and the poisons of herd mentality. We'll scream our message of discontent from bloody throats and open wounds.'' Get ready for a violent punishment and a lesson in destruction. Get ready for ELITIST!

Burning the Unspoken Gospel
Cult Malevolence
Ivory Shavings of the Tools Unknown
Black Wool
Watch as They Worship, Yet Be Silent
Slowly Fucked and Force Fed
A Howling Wind
Human All Too Human
Bound and Bent
Toothless and Yawning
Tower of Meth