Electric Light Orchestra - Time [LP] (download)

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9th Studio Album On Vinyl LP!

The 9th studio album from ELO was released in 1981. Time is a concept album about a man from the 1980s who has been taken to the year 2095 where he is torn by the advantages of technological advancement versus his longing for past romance.

The album shows a departure from the band's sound by emphasizing electronics over its usual orchestra. The album produced 4 singles including "Hold On Tight", "Twilight", "Ticket To the Moon", "Rain Is Falling", and "The Way Life's Meant To Be".

• Vinyl LP
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1. Prologue
2. Twilight
3. Yours Truly, 2095
4. Ticket To The Moon
5. The Way Life's Meant To Be
6. Another Heart Breaks
7. Rain Is Falling
8. From The End Of The World
9. The Lights Go Down
10. Here Is The News
11. 21st Century Man
12. Hold On Tight
13. Epilogue

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