Electric Light Orchestra - Secret Messages [2LP] (gatefold, download)

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Legendary Double Album As Originally Conceived By Jeff Lynne!
Never Before Available! Includes 6 Additional Tracks On LP For The First Time!

Released in 1983, Secret Messages was the 10th studio album from Electric Light Orchestra. This double LP version matches the format and length originally intended for the 1983 release - minus "Beatles Forever". 

As the title suggests, the album is filled with hidden messages (backmasking). Some messages are more obvious than others. 

• Double LP
• Never before available
• 6 additional tracks on LP for the first time
• Gatefold
• Limited time download

Side One:

1. Secret Messages
2. Loser Gone Wild
3. Bluebird
4. Take Me On And On
Side Two:
1. Stranger
2. No Way Out
3. Letter From Spain
4. Danger Ahead
Side Three:
1. Four Little Diamonds
2. Train Of Gold
3. Endless Lies
4. Buildings Have Eyes
5. Motor Factory/Rock 'n' Roll Is King
Side Four:
1. Mandalay
2. Time After Time
3. After All
4. Hello My Old Friend

2018 Columbia