Eleanor Friedberger (of Fiery Furnaces) - Last Summer [LP] (includes download)


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Eleanor Friedberger is known for her work in Chicago's
the Fiery Furnaces, a band she created with her brother
Matthew at the turn of the millennium. Together they
won a number of awards, sold out happenings the
world over and recorded nine albums whose sales total
well over 100k. That experience, combined with the fact
that the Fiery Furnaces aren't breaking up, inspired her
to make her first solo record, Last Summer.
In the music, you will hear the casual confrontation of
the most emotionally direct Fiery Furnaces songs, plus
a lot of snap, crackle and pop. In fact, in these songs
made of memories, you will hear the future. Sparks,
Donovan, Procol Harum, Kath Bloom, Lo Borges and
Todd Rundgren too. Friedberger's phrasing is as good
as anyone's; even better, when the line's over and most
other singers would leave it right there, she'll throw in
an unnecessary extra syllable - a ''yuh'' or an ''er,'' even
an ''oh oh.''
With Last Summer, Eleanor Friedberger may well be
telling us about last summer, or various last summers,
or even - WATCH OUT! - the last summer there will
ever be. . . One thing is certain: she's playing a long
game. Welcome to Level One.

vinyl is limited edition and includes coupon for full

Track Listing:
1. My Mistakes
2. Inn of the Seventh Ray
3. Heaven
4. Scenes from Bensonhurst
5. Roosevelt Island
6. Glitter Gold Year
7. One-Month Marathon
8. I Won't Fall Apart on You Tonight
9. Owl's Head Park
10. Early Earthquake