Elbow - Dead In The Boot [2 LP] (B-sides compilation)


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The album features 13 B-sides and non-album tracks which have been selected by the band as their favourite from their 15-year career. The title references their debut 'Asleep In The Back'. In a statement on the band's website Guy Garvey said: 'None of our B-sides are album rejects. It's a different space, usually just post finishing an album when all the members of elbow are chiming and feeling very creative. This gives 'Dead In The Boot' a real late night vibe.' He continued: ''It was important to us that this collection be an album in its own right so for some fans it may seem like there are glaring omissions, but these songs are the ones that hung together perfectly.''

Track Listings
1. Whisper Grass (Fallen Angel - V2 Single Release)
2. Lucky With Disease (Newborn - V2 Single Release)
3. Lay Down Your Cross (Not A Job - V2 Cd Single Release)
4. The Long War Shuffle (Leaders Of The..- V2 Cd Single Release
5. Every Bit The Little (One Day Like This - Fiction 7''Single)
6. Love Blown Down (Fugitive Motel - V2 Cd Single Release)
7. None One (Newborn - Uglyman Cd Ep)
8. Lullaby (One Day Like This - Fiction Cd Single)
9. Mcgreggor (Forgot Myself - V2 7''Single)
10. Buffalo Ghosts (Open Arms - Fiction 10''Single)
11. Waving From Windows (Grace Under Pressure - V2 Cd Single)
12. Snowball (Help-A Day In The Life - Warchild Album)
13. Gentle As (Leaders Of The Free World - V2 7''Single)