Doors, The - Wishful Sinful: North American TV Appearances 1967-1969 [LP] Limited import

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Limited Edition Import Only Vinyl Release!

Collecting various North American TV appearances from the glorious late 60s, Wishful Sinful is a brilliant view into the live swagger and dexterity of The Doors. From performing Touch Me on The Smothers Brothers TV show with a full horn and string section, to the unhinged raw power of Moonlight Drive at the famed Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco, this live collection goes from the softest and schmaltziest side of Jim Morrison to his darkest and weirdest, and all points in between. On beautiful high quality vinyl, this is essential live doors from the height of the band's fame.

Side 1
1. "The End" (12:25)
2. "Moonlight Drive" (6:52)
3. "Backdoor Man" (5:34)

Side 2
1. "People Are Strange" (2:37)
2. "Light My Fire" (2:59)
3. "Wild Child" (3:05)
4. "Touch Me" (3:21)
5. "Tell All The People" (3:36)
6. "Alabama Song" (1:43)
7. "Backdoor Man" (4:18)
8. "Wishful Sinful" (3:01)

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