Doors, The - The Soft Parade [LP] (180 Gram Vinyl)


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The Doors fourth studio album from 1969, which saw them experimenting with brass and strings. The Doors' mixture of Rock, Blues and Jazz combined with vocalist Jim Morrison's poetic lyrics and powerful vocals created a musical Molotov cocktail that could make your senses a good way!
After considerably broadening their sound on Waiting for the Sun, the Doors decided to continue pushing the envelope with their next release. Incorporating brass, strings, and even a full orchestra, The Soft Parade is easily the most challenging album in the Doors' catalog--if not the most accomplished. Though the hit 'Touch Me' and other tracks ('Shaman's Blues,' 'Wild Child') hearken back to the band's edgier self, the title track is a multipart rock suite that evokes some of the psychedelic era's worst excesses.
Track listing
Side one
Tell All the People - 3:23
Touch Me - 3:12
Shaman's Blues - 4:49
Do It - 3:08
Easy Ride) - 2:41
Side two
Wild Child - 2:38
Runnin' Blue - 2:33
Wishful Sinful - 3:02
The Soft Parade - 8:37