Detroit Cobras - Mink, Rat Or Rabbit [LP]


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The Detroit Cobras manage a pretty rare feat with their debut LP
by transcending classic R&B material by sticking not to the original
sound or slavishly recreating arrangements and stylistic trappings
of the genre, but by finding the essence of the rough-and-tumble
spirit of the original streetwise tunes the Cobras tackle on Mink

FINALLY BACK IN PRINT ON VINYL! Originally Released in 1998

A1 Cha Cha Twist
A2 I'll Keep Holding On
A3 Putty (In Your Hands)
A4 Easier To Cry
A5 Bad Girl
A6 Slummer (The Slum)
B1 Midnight Blues
B2 You Knows What To Do
B3 Can't Do Without You
B4 Hittin' On Nothing
B5 Out Of This World
B6 Chumbawa
B7 Breakaway