Depeche Mode - Some Great Reward: The 12'' Singles [6x12'' Box]

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Numbered, Limited Edition 6Disc Box Set!
Remastered From Original Tapes!
Cut at Abbey Road Studios!

From the beginning of their career Depeche Mode have been at the forefront of remix culture; creating their own classic extended mixes back in the early 80s and over the years amassing a collection of remixers of their songs that pretty much charts the history of cutting edge dance music. 

Depeche Mode's commitment to the 12" single format as a distinct art form became even more evident with Some Great Reward. SOME GREAT REWARD | THE 12" SINGLES includes select live recordings from the Liverpool Empire Theatre, recorded September 29, 1984. 

Contains the singles from each Depeche Mode album on audiophile-quality 12" vinyl, with audio mastered from the original tapes at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. The artwork for the exterior of the boxed set draws on street art iconography inspired by the original releases, while the vinyl sleeves themselves feature the original single artwork.

• Numbered, Limited Edition 
• 6Disc Box Set
• 6 12" Singles
• Original and Special Edition versions of People Are People, Master And Servant & Blasphemous Rumours
• Blasphemous Rumours EP previously unreleased on 12"
• Faithfully reproduced from original artwork and audio masters
• Cut at Abbey Road Studios
• Reproduction of original marketing poster
• Limited time digital download code
• Made in the EU

People Are People (12BONG 5)

Side A: People Are People (Different Mix)
Side B: In Your Memory (Slik Mix)

People Are People (L12BONG 5)
Side A: People Are People (On-U Sound Remix By Adrian Sherwood)
Side B:
1. People Are People (Original 7" Version)
2. In Your Memory (Original 7" Version)

Master And Servant (12BONG 6)
Side A:
 Master And Servant (Slavery Whip Mix)
Side B:
1. (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (Release Mix)
2. Master And Servent (Voxless)

Master And Servant (L12BONG 6)
Side A:
 Master And Servent (An On-U Sound Science Fiction Dance Hall Classic Re-Remixed By Adrian Sherwood)
Side B:
1. Are People People? (Re-Remixed By Adrian Sherwood)
2. (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (7" Mix)

Blasphemous Rumours (12BONG 7)
Side A:
 Blasphemous Rumours
Side B:
1. Somebody (Live)
2. Two Minute Warning (Live)
3. Ice Machine (Live)
4. Everything Counts (Live)

Blasphemous Rumours (L12BONG 7)
Side A:

1. Somebody (Remix)
2. Everything Counts (Live)
Side AA:
1. Blasphemous Rumours (Single Version)
2. Told You So (Live)

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