Deftones - Around The Fur [LP] (180 Gram Vinyl)


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Originally released in 1997, Around The Fur is the second major label album from Sacramento, CA's alternative metal group, Deftones. A furious, hard-hitting blast of confrontational sound, Around The Fur expanded upon the success of the group's major label 1995 debut, Adrenaline and it put the Deftones at the forefront of the '90s alternative metal scene. Highlighted by the singles ''My Own Summer (Shove It)'' and ''Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away.''

Track Listing:
1. My Own Summer (Shove It)
2. Lhabia
3. Mascara
4. Around The Fur
5. Rickets
6. Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)
7. Lotion
8. Dai The Flu
9. Headup
10. MX