Def Leppard - Yeah! [2LP] (first time on vinyl)

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First Time Ever On Vinyl!

Released in May 2006, Yeah! Was the band's first album of cover versions and featured some of the band favorite songs from over the years. The record itself charted in the US top twenty and the UK top 75. This is the first time the album has appeared on vinyl.


  • First Time Ever on Vinyl
  • Double Vinyl LP


Side A:

  1. 20th Century Boy
  2. Rock On
  3. Hanging On The Telephone
  4. Waterloo Sunset

Side B:

  1. Hell Raiser
  2. 10538 Overture
  3. Street Life
  4. Drive-In Saturday

Side C:

  1. Little Bit Of Love
  2. The Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll
  3. No Matter What

Side D:

  1. He's Gonna Step On You Again
  2. Don't Believe A Word
  3. Stay With Me

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