Deer Tracks, The - The Archer Trilogy Pt. 2 [LP]


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The Deer Tracks is David Lehnberg & Elin Lindfors, both children of the little Swedish town of Gavle. Despite
their earlier success with respective projects, all roads led them into an electromagnetic mist of melodies and
harmonic noise that later came to be called The Deer Tracks. The Archer Trilogy Pt. 2 is the second installment
in a 3part trilogy of releases to come out in 2011/2012 and follows the band's debut US release The Archer
Trilogy Pt. 1 5song EP which was released in March (and contains no songs in common with Pt. 2).

''The Deer Tracks combine folk-ishly delicate melodies with glitch techno techniques: twinkling
keyboard lines that sound as though they're being played on toy instruments (as per that
other micro-genre, toytronica) are frequently interrupted by static and hiss, crackles and jumps.''
- The Guardian

1. Meant To Be
2. Fra Ro Raa / Ro Ra Fraa
3. The Archer
4. Dark Passenger
5. 1000 Vanda Kinder
6. Fa-Fire
7. Tiger
8. Fall With Me
9. U-Turn