Deep Purple -The Boys From Brazil: Sao Paulo Broadcast 1991 [2CD] Limited import only set

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MARK V PURPLE BROADCAST FROM BRAZIL IN 1991 In April 1984, eight years after the demise of Deep Purple, a full-scale reunion took place with the "classic" Mark II line-up from the early 1970s: Ian Gillan, Jon Lord, Ritchie Blackmore, Roger Glover and Ian Paice. The reformed band signed a worldwide deal with PolyGram, with Mercury Records releasing their albums in the US, and Polydor Records in the UK and other countries.

The album Perfect Strangers was recorded in Vermont and released in October 84. The reunion tour followed, starting in Australia and winding its way across the world to North America, then into Europe by the following summer. Financially, the tour was also a tremendous success. In the US, it out-grossed every other artist except Bruce Springsteen. The UK homecoming saw the band perform a concert at Knebworth on 22 June 1985, where the weather was bad - torrential rain and 6 inches of mud - in front of 80,000 fans. The gig was dubbed the "Return of the Knebworth Fayre". The Mark II line-up continued, releasing The House of Blue Light in 1987, which was followed by a world tour (interrupted when Blackmore broke a finger on stage while trying to catch his guitar, after throwing it in the air) and another live album

Nobody's Perfect (1988) which was culled from several shows on this tour, but still largely based on the by-now familiar Made in Japan set-list. In the UK a new version of Hush (with Gillan on lead vocals) was released released to mark 20 years of the band. Gillan was fired in 1989; his relations with Blackmore had again soured, and their musical differences had diverged too far.

Originally, the band intended to recruit Survivor frontman Jimi Jamison as Gillan's replacement, but this fell through owing to complications with Scotti Brothers Records, Jamison's record label. Eventually, after auditioning several high-profile candidates, former Rainbow vocalist Joe Lynn Turner was recruited into the band. This Mark V line-up recorded just one album, Slaves and Masters (1990), and toured in support of it. It achieved modest success, reaching number 45 in the UK and number 87 in the US Billboard chart.

One of the very finest shows Deep Purple played on the Slaves and Masters Tour was a date performed at the Olympia Music Venue in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which took place on the 21st August 1991. A quite extraordinary show for this early 90s line-up of Purple, during which recent numbers rubbed shoulders with Deep Purple classics, the concert was a huge success and remains among fans favourite live events from this period.

Previously unreleased, this entire concert, recorded as it was for live FM Radio Broadcast, is now available on this new 2-CD Set for the first time.

DISC ONE 1. Over The Rainbow 1:53 2. Too Late For Tears 5:02 3. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll 8:46 4. Mistreated 8:46 5. Wolf To The Moon 10:12 6. Still I'm Sad 5:36 7. Man On The Silver Mountain 5:31

DISC TWO 1. Temple Of The King 6:44 2. Black Masquerade 6:29 3. Ariel 7:18 4. Since You've Been Gone 1:07 5. Hall Of The Mountain King 6:35 6. Perfect Strangers 7:01 7. Maybe Next Time 1:50 8. Burn 4:36 9. Smoke On The Water 8:45