Deep Purple - Live In Paris 1985 [CD] Limited edition

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Limited Import CD!

Rare and collectable live recording from Deep Purple´s legendary show in Paris, 1985 - digitally remastered. Deep Purple's many sides are at their best here: the energy but also the groove and the great solo moments. The soft sides and their energetic heavy counterparts. Every member of the band is in fantastic form, the band being strong, and the performance seems to be driving the band through the songs as if audience and band were suspended in time.

Side 1
1. "Highway Star"
2. "Nobody's Home"
3. "Strange Kind Of Woman"
4. "Blues"
5. "A Gypsy's Kiss"
6. "Perfect Strangers"
7. "Under The Gun"
8. "Lazy"
9. "Knocking At Your Back Door"
10. "Difficult To Cure"
11. "Space Truckin'"
12. "Woman From Tokyo"
13. "Black Night"
14. "Smoke On The Water"

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