Deep Purple - Live In Hong Kong [3LP] (Purple Marble Vinyl, limited)

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Numbered, Limited Edition Purple Marbled Vinyl 3LP!

A Very Rare Live Recording from Deep Purple's Archive!

Remastered for the Best Audio Quality Possible!

Limited to 5,000 Copies Worldwide!

Deep Purple is one of the most influential British rock bands of all time, shaping the hard rock scene and inspiring generations of hard rock musicians and fans for over five decades.

With the release of Turning to Crime in November 2021, the band once again reached impressive placements in album charts all around the world - soaring to the Top 10 in Germany, Poland, Denmark and Finland. All this following the massive success of Deep Purple's previous studio album Whoosh! that topped the charts in Germany, Scotland, Belgium, Austria and others!

Their tours are constantly among the most successful worldwide.

The Soundboard Series focuses on the last three decades of concerts around the world. While some of the shows were previously available as rare and limited fan club editions, others are concerts from the artist archive, mixed and mastered for the occasion. In both cases, great care is spent to achieve the best audio quality.

Live in Hong Kong 2001 features Deep Purple on top of their game, in the midst of their Asia Tour in 2001. On March 20th, they took to the stage in Hong Kong's Coliseum, the city's largest concert hall at the time. Here, we see Purple as a raw and immediate live act, without background singers, guest vocals, added string quartets or any other bells and whistles. It's rock 'n' roll in its purest form - and we like it.


  • Numbered, Limited Edition - 5,000 Copies Worldwide
  • Purple Marbled Vinyl
  • 3LP
  • Remastered for Vinyl in 2022
  • Rare Live Recording from Deep Purple's Archive
  • Gatefold Jacket
  • Made in Germany


Side A:

  1. Woman From Tokyo
  2. Ted The Mechanic
  3. Mary Long
  4. Lazy

Side B:

  1. No One Came
  2. Black Night
  3. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming

Side C:

  1. Fools
  2. Perfect Strangers

Side D:

  1. Hey Cisco
  2. When A Blind Man Cries
  3. Smoke On The Water

Side E:

  1. Speed King

Side F:

  1. Hush
  2. Highway Star

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