Dead Milkmen - Welcome To The End Of The World [LP] (180 Gram, limited)

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"Welcome to the End of the World" delivers The Dead Milkmen's trademark twisted humor along with some underlying dark elements that will creep in to your consciousness if you pay close enough attention. The six tracks run the gamut of weird and wild-from the heavy, Ramones-influenced lead single "Only the Dead Get Off at Kymlinge," a ghost story about the haunted trains terrorizing passengers on the Stockholm Metro; to "Battery-Powered Rat," a jangly instrumental about two popes, a chess game, and a rat at the Vatican. ("Battery-Powered Rat is one of the weirdest things we've ever done," says drummer Dean Clean.) Musically, the band draws on industrial influences, with a strong beat-driven aesthetic. "It's a pretty good representation of the different styles of things that we do," Dean Clean explains. "It's got some sort of heavy stuff and some groovy, almost dance-oriented stuff-which is fun to say." Available on 180 gram, limited edition vinyl. Following the Giving Groove model, all label profits are donated to Girls Rock Philly.

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