Dead Daisies - Best Of The Dead Daisies [2LP] Limited Transparent Red Splatter Colored Vinyl

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Limited Edition Double Red Splatter Colored Vinyl!

Ten years ago The Dead Daisies burst onto the music scene with a mission to gather some of the finest musicians in the world and simply put, play some good old fashioned, no bullshit Rock'N'Roll!! After a decade of recording and touring the planet, there have been some incredible one-offs and special highlights including sharing stages with some of the world's biggest Rock bands. To mark this milestone, a collection of songs from six of the band's previous studio albums have been chosen. The upcoming "Best Of" Album release will include some of the collectives' favourite tracks and others that have become a staple part of every Daisies Touring Set List. We hope they're your favourites as well... Two previously unreleased tracks from the last recording session are also included.

2023 Dead Daisies