Dead Can Dance - Dead Can Dance (2016 Pressing) [LP]

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1984 Album Reissued On Vinyl LP!

Formed in Australia in the early Eighties by Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry, Dead Can Dance had veered away from the punk explosion towards a more non-conformist style. But finding the music scene unreceptive they moved to London, landed a record deal with 4AD and embarked on a career with the label that would last seventeen years.

Highly respected artists with a loyal global fanbase, Gerrard and Perry consistently made music full of integrity and passion. Both immensely talented vocalists - Gerrard with her inimitable, mesmeric style and Perry’s haunting baritone - they were also gifted, instinctive musicians and their melding of traditional instruments with samplers created a bridge between ancient and modern music.

The uncompromising eponymous debut, Dead Can Dance (1984), harnessed a bewitching barrage of sounds (including the distinct sound of the yangqin) with the then five-piece interchanging instruments to leave the vocals of Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry as the only constant. The album’s cover was important as an introduction too, a Papua New Guinean mask that some believe when worn, a life force can be put into the inanimate wood - the dead can dance.

This 2016 LP version is a repress of the original release.

• Vinyl reissue

Side A:

1. The Fatal Impact
2. The Trial
3. Frontier
4. Fortune
5. Ocean
Side B:
1. East of Eden
2. Threshold
3. A Passage In Time
4. Wild In the Woods
5. Musica Eterna

2016 4AD