Dawes - North Hills [2LP+7''] (Translucent Red Vinyl, gatefold, poster, 10 Year Anniversary Edition)

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10th Anniversary Limited Edition Red Translucent Vinyl 2LP & Bonus 7"!
7" Contains 2 Unreleased B-Sides!

Deluxe vinyl reissue commemorating a decade since the release of Dawes' breakthrough debut album. Upon its release in 2009, the Jonathan Wilson-produced album was hailed by Rolling Stone for its "twangy folk rock a la Gram Parsons and Neil Young" and "sweet, Byrds-ian harmonies". Said bassist Wylie Gelber, "this album is dedicated to my first car, she gave her life for a modest insurance payout, which funded the recording of these songs."

The 10th anniversary edition includes the original North Hills album on double LP and a 7" vinyl with two unreleased b-sides, "All My Failures" and "Wilderness". "We figured at the time that 'Wilderness' and 'All My Failures' didn't fit with the rest of the tunes, but now it's hard to remember why we thought that," lead singer/guitarist Taylor Goldsmith reveals. "Listening back now, these recordings of these songs seem to share the same North Hills DNA as the original 11 and it feels good to get them out into the world." 

The deluxe vinyl reissue includes 2x translucent red LP's, a bonus 7" w/2 unreleased b-sides, a gatefold jacket w/gold foil stamp and expanded artwork, and an original 2009 promotional poster.

• 10th Anniversary Edition
• Limited Edition Translucent Red Vinyl 2LP
• Bonus 7" Vinyl Single with 2 previously unreleased B-sides
• Gatefold jacket with gold foil stamp and newly expanded artwork
• Original 2009 promo poster
• Limited time digital download

Side A:

1. That Western Skyline
2. Love Is All I Am
3. When You Call My Name
Side B:
1. Give Me Time
2. When My Time Comes
3. God Rest My Soul
Side C:
1. Bedside Manner
2. My Girl To Me
3. Take Me Out Of The City
Side D:
1. If You Let Me Be Your Anchor
2. Peace In The Valley

7" Vinyl:
Side A: All My Failures
Side B: Wilderness

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